Soft-as-a-Cloud™ Baby Cotton Swaddle Blanket

Beautiful design, the softest warmth and convenience and versatility like no others, make the Best Selling Soft-as-a-Cloud Cotton Swaddle Blanket a Must-Have for New Parents!

** Makes the perfect gift for any new parent **
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Wrap your little ones, as if you're actually cuddling them, with this Soft-as-a-Cloud Baby Cotton Swaddle Blanket. This swaddle blanket creates a soft warm hug for the baby, giving your baby the warmest, coziest feeling. 

Bye Bye Layers

The Soft-as-a-Cloud™ Swaddle Blanket's unique shape allows you to easily control the coverage of your baby, without the need to handle multiple layers of clothes. Including wraparound wings, fully covered flip-open legs, and a hoodie, It allows you to easily wrap your baby when it's too cold or leave the wings open when it's too hot, leave arms and legs covered or not, put the hoodie on or off - making it perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

The Swaddling Effect

The Soft-as-a-Cloud™ Swaddle Blanket's "wings" allow you to both control the baby's temperature, as well as act as a swaddle when the baby is sleeping. Wrapping your baby makes sure the baby's arms are tucked in a comfortable position in order to eliminate the startling effect. For best effect, use it when the baby is sleeping outdoors in the stroller.

Premium Materials Only

Made with premium quality materials that allow comfort and a pleasant feel for the baby. With its soft cotton material, it creates a cuddly exterior and a pleasant interior fabric, so that your baby feels as comfortable and cozy as can be at all times. 


Whether you use it in the stroller, on the floor, in the crib, or anywhere else, it can be used as a blanket, hoodie, swaddle, playmat, towel, and more. 

Cuteness Overload

The Soft-as-a-Cloud™ Swaddle Blanketis shaped like a cute teddy bear with little ears on the hoodie and a cute tail on the tooshie. As if your baby wasn't already cute enough...

The Perfect Gift

The Soft-as-a-Cloud™ Baby Cotton Swaddle Blanket makes a perfect gift for any new or expecting mom.

Perfect for babies ages 3m - 9m.