GelSupport™ Honeycomb Seat Cushion


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Prolonged sitting causes discomfort and back pain - both for the short and long term - due to high and continuous pressure on the lower back and spine.

Not anymore, with the GelSupport™ Honeycomb Seat Cushion!

The secret is in premium Silicone Gel material and the unique and patented Honeycomb design which increases support to the spine, distributes pressure evenly, and improves bloodflow to the area. It relieves pain and discomfort and makes you feel fresher even after sitting for many hours. 

Made for the office, home, outdoors or in your car or truck, the Silicone Gel Honeycomb Seat Cushion is perfect for anybody who spends most of thier day sitting or driving, or anybody with ongoing back pains.  


Reduces Pressure and Improves Blood Flow - the cushion's unique honeycomb design and the soft silicone gel material create a soft yet supportive cushion which reduces pressure from the spine and allows for a good bloodflow to the lower back, legs and feet, letting you feel fresher and comfortable during and after your time sitting.

Take it Anywhere! - perfect for home, office, outdoor, or while driving. It is lightweight and foldable, and easily washable, making it easy and ideal to take with you anywhere. Taking that long road trip? No problem! Long flight ahead? No problem! Going to the park to watch the ball game? No problem! Picnic with the family? No problem!!

Retains Shape and Firmness Over Time -made of premium silicone gel that is strong and durable, and does not change shape or loose firmness, ensuring you always get the same optimal support and comfort. If your cushion looses shape or firmness we will replace it at no cost!

Ergonomic Design - Provides maximum support and comfort while reducing pressure on tailbone; promotes good posture, proper spine alignment, and healthy weight distribution for hours of comfortable sitting

Easy to Clean - the silicone gel material is easily washable and dries quickly. Comes with a removable, machine-washable, nonslip fabric cover.



Material: high grade silicone gel

  • XL: 42cm x 35cm / 16.5" x 13.5"
  • L: 40cm x 32cm / 15.75" x 12.5"
  • M: 38cm x 30cm / 15" x 11.8"


  • 1 x Silicone Gel Honeycomb Seat Cushion
  • FREE Protective Cover


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