Natural Stretch Marks Removal Essential Oils

Pure Natural Stretch Marks Remover For Skin Care Repair

  • INGREDIENTS:Grape, essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, fennel oil, rosemary oil, rose oil, Yilan oil, jasmine essential oil.
  • EFFECT:To improve the dry skin, dry phenomenon, so that the skin elasticity, improve and strengthen the organization, stretch marks skin aging,
  • USAGE:
    • Step one: use one hand to squeeze, belly as the center of a circle, clockwise massage clockwise. In order to counter clockwise rotation, massage aibdomen.
    • Step two: palm gently clench, squeeze four weeks painting circle in the belly, this method is especially effective for constipation.
    • Step three: with the thumb and index finger on the interaction, on both sides of the waist kneading massage, this method is especially effective for thin waist.
Be careful
1. Pregnant women with caution
2. Please placed on the children don't take place
3. Please do allergy test before use


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